Fog Horn’s Sound Workshop

The fog rolls in. It’s mist creeps up the rocky shoreline and the lonely moan of the fog horn sounds in the distance.  Careful drawing, controlled washes, pen painting and all our texturing skills will be utilized to produce this minimalist painting with echoes of Robert Vickery.  

Dark Afternoon Workshop

As heavy clouds move in and obscure the afternoon sun, the rocky island landscape awaits a storm. Rich color in a wet-into-wet sky sets this dark mood. Salting, spattering, dry brush and pen painting complete the scene.  

Newbury Winter Marsh Workshop

This project was inspired by a snow covered marsh in Newbury. The sun hung low in the sky casting long, streaming shadows.    English watercolor techniques were used to create this local scene: Confident brushwork, clear washes, and texturing.

Late Summer Mist Workshop

Summer fades, just as the afternoon sun. The past, like floating mist, moves on. The yet to discover future develops before us like the sharp, dark reflections cast in the shimmering water.  Textures, washes, pen work and wet-into-wet all come into play to create this mood-filled painting.

Morning Pier Workshop

A new morning warms the eastern sky in our project this week. Strong light and deep shadows create the drama.   In this painting we’ll use wet-into-wet, dry brush, careful brush and pen work techniques with rich, colorful washes.