The Boat Barn Workshop

A work in progress. Repairs are taking place in this seaside sheltered workspace.  This painting is a work in the English watercolor tradition.  

The Last Run Workshop

Sugaring season is nearing its end. Sap buckets still hang on the maples collecting the last of the precious flow. As we enjoy this scene, the filtered light lengthens the hillside’s soft shadows.   Drawing is key in this project. Wet-into-wet and dry brushing also play an important role.   

Spring Greens Workshop

Still water. Long shadows. Spring arrives with a warm sky and colorful reflections. This is a layered painting. It’s soft quality is achieved with close values. Careful brushwork applied in a loosely controlled manner with wet-into-wet further help to create this peaceful scene.  

Fading Evening Light Workshop

It’s day’s end. Shadows moving across the sky gently fade the last of the evening light.  Careful drawing and texture are important in this project. We’ll use all of our watercolor painting tools and techniques to successfully create this work’s feel and atmosphere.   

Evening Walk Home Workshop

As a lone figure heads home at the end of his day, a bright moon illuminates the night landscape. Wet-into-wet, lifting color, strong dark washes, pen painting and gouache color create this nocturnal scene.