Swallow Homecoming Workshop

Swallows gather over the marsh as clouds shift the springtime light.   Rich wet-into-wet color defines the grassy plain in a variety of shades. We’ll use dry brushing, color lifting and careful drawing to successfully complete this scene.  


On Sunday, May 15th, 2016, Bill’s Painting, “Fog Warning” won the Robert B. Donnelly, Jr., MD Memorial Award for Excellence in Watercolor from the Officers and Jurors of the North Shore Arts Association of Gloucester, Massachusetts. It will be on display at the NSAA’s Exhibition I through June 11th, 2016. More of Bill’s work is available for viewing and purchase at DeLouise […]

Plum Island Dawn Workshop

First light creates blue shadows on the riverside shore. Reflections on the calm water are clear. In this project, our pallet is low key. Careful transfer and drawing are important. Wet-into-wet, dry brushing, pen painting and clean washes will finish this mood-filled scene.   

Cypress Walk Workshop

A walk on a coastal cliff late in the day as a heavy mist drifts in from the sea.   This project is begun with careful drawing, pen painting, masking, and numerous washes. It’s finished with textures of dry brush and spattering.