Sunset in the Wetlands Workshop

The light of approaching sunset is filtered by a hazy sky. Reflections show dark in the placid water against the evening glow. We’ll begin this project with close value washes. Dry brushing adds texture and pen work provides the details.  

Sunday Afternoon Workshop

Two figures share the vista of a sunlit marsh under the cool, ever-moving shade of the trees.  This Saturday we’re going to learn about painting trees from the perspective of California painter, Percy Grey (1869 – 1952). We’ll use dry brush, wet-into-wet washes, wet-into-dry paper washes, pen work and texturing.  

Night Dwellers Workshop

Late afternoon turns into evening. Light fades and shadows grow long. The color of the old barn turns cool as birds return to their roost. Good draftsmanship, textures and pen work assist in the completion of this mood-filled project.  

September Island Fog-2 Workshop

Early fog obscures the afternoon light streaming across an island landscape.  Textures are the focus of this painting. Attention to values is also key … from the stony, dark foreground to the homestead, faded in the distance.  

Sea Smoke Workshop

Two anglers enjoy the atmosphere of the bay shrouded in morning mist.    Putting this project together will require some specialized measuring techniques to hide the pencil lines. I’ll show you how.