Shadowed Dory Workshop

Shadows shroud the waiting dory as evening sets in and daylight fades.  Washes, pen work, and dry brush set this scene. Shaded washes pull it all together. This one will be a challenge, but well worth the effort and fun.  

Island Run Workshop

A race against weather change. A cool afternoon clouds up as small sailing craft glide between the islands. Wet-into-wet, pen work and careful brushwork help create this nautical scene.  

North Shore Low Tide Workshop

Low tide exposes the rocky ledge of this North Shore cottage home, and the afternoon light draws long shadows. We’ll create this project with strong, rich color, dry brushing and wet-into-wet techniques.  

Marsh Flood Workshop

As the show comes to a close and clouds recede, the rainwater peacefully irrigates the marsh.  We’ll create the mood in this project with wet-into-wet, dry brush and pen work.