October Birches Workshop

A dormant shack, framed by a stand of birches and warmed by the warm glow of autumn sunshine, awaits sugaring season.  Clean washes, dry brush, masking fluid and careful brushwork all play a key role in this seasonal painting.  

Clearing Storm Workshop

Storm clouds move east as the sun sets on the western horizon. Cool colors settle in and shadows win the day. Wet-into-wet, pen painting, gouache and texturing create this autumn scene.  

Coastal Mood Workshop

A warm, wet, and cloudy New England day slowly darkens into early evening as low tide pulls out to sea. We feel the mist against our faces as the fish shack becomes silhouetted against a hazy, gray sky. Subtle washes dominate this moody scene. It may be painted at the 9″ x 12″ size or […]