End of Season Workshop

Remnants of the fall harvest linger around the now abandoned farm stand and colors of the season resist the change. All our watercolor techniques will be used in this seasonal piece. It’s a fun challenge. Come paint with us!  

Breaking Wave Workshop

The shining moon, a dark sky, the rough sea, and the crash of a massive wave, all play their part in the drama of this painting.  Wet-into-wet is the major technique used in this project. I’ll show you how to use this alternate method of creating a rocky shore.   

Stone House Reflections Workshop

The sun is low in the sky on this autumn afternoon. Its light pushes long shadows toward the edge of the pond and gives extra brilliance to the fall foliage.  Rich colors, textures, and varied brush strokes provide a wild contrast to the serenity of the calm water.  Add touches of pen work and the illusion is […]