Early Freeze Workshop

As the moon hides behind clouds, the frozen landscape glows in silence. Wet-into-wet, color lifting, pen painting, texturing, and careful brushwork will bring this painting to life.  

Morning Mist Workshop

A dory rests on the mud flats at low tide while the morning mist fades and the sun warms this coastal landscape. Strong values of dark against light describe our subject in sharp contrast. Careful drawing, pen painting, and clean washes are among the many techniques used to create this New England scene.   

Snow Sun Workshop

Weather is on its way quietly, in serene silence. Dark clouds move in and the light is changing. Values are key. Masking fluid, pen painting, spattering, smooth washes and various texturing techniques work together to create the mood in this painting.   

Incoming Weather Workshop

The flooded meadow will soon accept another seasonal gift, as the darkening sky announces the shower of spring rain.    Simplicity is key in this painting. The work is created with just marks and textures using dry brush and pen painting to add the final details.