Passing Showers Workshop

A working barn, now aged beyond its use, stands reflected in the flooded pasture. As evening approaches, the showers move on.   A variety of washes: flat washes, dry brush, and wet-into-wet along with pen painting help to create this piece. It’s starting to feel like spring.  

Tardy Spring Workshop

The cloudy sky, heavy with snow, will soon obscure the setting sun. Broad washes, delicate wet-into-wet, dry brush, spattering and pen painting bring this simple work to life.  

Morning Mist in Maine Workshop

At the start of day, ground fog pushes through this seaside scene. Unemployed boats drift on their moorings. Wet-into-wet will be key in this quiet piece. But pen painting and graded washes play their own starring role as well.  

Sunset at Stoney Point Workshop

An incoming weather front cools the solar glow. All the gulls have gone to that secret place for the night. We’ll use all our tools to produce this New England scene: Masking fluid, pen painting, gouache, and wet-into-wet washes. This one is fun …  

Arboreal Rhythms Workshop

The sun sets in a sky streaked with clouds. Fading light warms this afternoon landscape.   Texture plays a major role in this colorful autumn scene. We’ll use pen painting with both transparent watercolor and gouache, stippling and more.