Moonlight Reflections Workshop

What could have drawn a lone figure to this moonlit beach? Does he even notice the silver glow on the sands that we’ve worked so hard to create? This seemingly simple painting is more complicated than it appears. The sands are created with various texture techniques, and the silver glow with several subtle washes. This […]

Silent Sentinels Workshop

The derelict boathouse, watched over by a lone pine, stands defiant against the years of weather. Dry brush, pen painting, controlled washes and careful drawing all work together to set the mood and bring this scene together.  

To the Causeway Workshop

The afternoon sunlight creates glistening water and casts long shadows on the roadway, as clouds slowly move across the sky.  Texture is the feature in this low-key painting. Warm colors dominate with a few cool accents. Dry brushing, pen painting, sponge work and wet-into-wet washes bring it all together.