The Birch’s View Workshop

Through the frame of a stand of white birches, the smooth surface of this quiet lake reflects the colors of autumn foliage.  We’ll use masking fluid, pen work, and a variety of texturing techniques to create this colorful piece.  

Autumn Gold Workshop

The light of this sunny, autumn day causes maple leaves to shimmer with gold. This painting is constructed with planes of color, texturing, wet-into-wet, and pen painting. The first layer will set the tone with a variety of texturing tools and details. This project will be fun and also an exercise to loosen up our approach.  

Second Cutting Workshop

The sun hangs low in the August haze over the freshly cut hay field. The now quiet hay wagon creates long shadows and clear reflections after the recent rain. Careful drawing, clean, smooth washes, dry brushing and pen painting add to the fun of painting this rural New England scene.