Misty Dawn Workshop

A landscape obscured by the fading haze.  This painting is a wet-into-wet exercise. Dropping wet color onto wet paper is an art unto itself. Once mastered, it can be the source of endless positive watercolor experiences.  

East Light North Wind Workshop

Strong, new light illuminates the coastal cliffs as the wind brings in heavy clouds from the north. Clean draftsmanship, pen painting, wet washes and all of our textural tools are required to complete this lively work.  

Quiet Waters Workshop

On a placid lake, during a misty, still morning, a skiff slides across the smooth surface leaving a wake of thin ribbon. Heavy air is pushed back by dim rays of the new sun. This work is all about clean washes, wet-into-wet, and layers of close value hues. Masking and pen painting add details.  

Tuck’s Point Workshop

The gazebo at Tuck’s Point provides a sheltered spot to enjoy the water view at the end of a warm, summer day. To create this painting, we’ll combine careful drawing with graded washes, masking fluid, pen painting and opaque watercolor.