Cardinal in the Pines Workshop

This week’s project is a minimalist painting with an abstract impressionist style as back drop. It’s also sized to be made into a holiday card, if you wish. Wet-into-wet, lifting color, and calligraphy all help to set the scene. The background will be balanced in both value and intensity to compliment the center of interest. […]

Inconvenient Fog Workshop

Just beyond the rocky shore, a sailing craft slips through the inconvenient fog, making its way home.  This painting relies on layered washes, warm over cool, to set the mood. Texturing, spattering, and dry brushing all work together to create this project.   

Autumn Sunshine Workshop

A moment of bright sunshine pushes through the clouds to show off autumn’s luminosity. We’ll use flat color and clean gradations of wet-into-wet to create this scene.  

Serene River Workshop

A silky river on a quiet fall morning. The boatman’s pole barely disturbs the serenity. Wet-into-wet, dry brush, pen painting and subtle brushwork all work together to create this quiet scene.