Autumn Sky Patterns Workshop

Mirror-like reflections are cast on the still water’s surface as the sun sets, the sky cools, and day comes to a close. With this complicated project you’ll receive the sketch already laid out on a sheet of watercolor paper. We’ll begin with wet-into-wet, flat and clear graded washes, and various styles of texturing.  This design […]

October Fog Workshop

In this workshop we’re enjoying the view on a high mountain ridge. The distant range blooms its most beautiful autumn foliage under a heavy cloud cover of fog. Wet-into-wet, mingling colors, and dry brush textures  are the stars of this seasonal work. Spattering and  stamping also play a supporting role.  

Prairie Squall Workshop

The house sits alone on a grassy flat awaiting the approaching squall. Wet-into-wet, dry brushing, pen painting and creative texturing all work in harmony to create this mood-filled work.  

Sunset Colonnade Workshop

A somber autumn sky gives up the last light of the day. Shadows are warm and cool in the dim evening light. Wet-into-wet, pen painting, sponge stamping and many more of our various watercolor painting techniques will be used in this week’s project.