Red Rock Falls Workshop

Mist rises from the cold mountain water as it cascades over a rocky gorge. Careful drawing, pen painting, spattering, dry brushing and whatever other texturing techniques we can invent, help us create this challenging painting.  

Winter Blues Workshop

The warm house awaits. A full moon illuminates the way.   This composition is completed almost entirely in shades of blue to emphasize the winter cold.  All our tools come into play.

Maine Outpost Workshop

The sun is giving in to a change of weather. The old fish shack awaits delivery of the day’s catch as the tide slowly recedes.   Dry brush, spattering, washes and careful brushwork all bring this project to life.  

Lone Tree Workshop

Winter’s southern movement of the sun forces long shadows on the fields and the winding, country road. The background’s soft values and pastel shades against the contrasted strong, sharp foreground images give us a sense of upcoming weather.  

Pennsylvania Barn Workshop

Fresh snow, long winter shadows and a stone Pennsylvanian Barn is our challenge this week. This project will require careful draftsmanship, wet-into-wet, texturing, lifting, spattering and pen painting. Snow can be beautiful.