Valley Fog Workshop

Fog shrouds the pine-covered cliffs. Driftwood lies undisturbed by the calm waters. Wet-into-wet, pen work and controlled washes create this moody work. Contrasting values draw us into this painting.  

Moonlit Storm Workshop

A moonlit sky illuminates the clouds of an oncoming storm. But the fireside keeps us warm and sends a message of comfort upward on this cold, winter night.   This work is rich with washes. Fine brush & pen work add the details.  

March Shadows Workshop

This abandoned work shack, warmed by the afternoon sun, casts long, cool shadows against last week’s snow. It’s a study in light vs. shade and the parts they play defining a landscape.  Pen painting, masking fluid, and a host of other texturing techniques all pull this mood-filled project together.  

Any Port Workshop

The howling wind and crashing waves fill the air with salty mist. Dark clouds press down as two survivors of the relentless storm manage to pull their boat ashore. We’ll use gouache, pen painting, washes and texturing to bring this dramatic scene to life.