Sunlit Cliffs Workshop

A rocky gorge frames our view of the sea. Afternoon becomes evening as the light defining the stoney edges slips quietly down to the sea.   Texture is the feature of this project. We have endless possibilities as to color, salting, pen painting, stippling and more. This one is fun!  

Reflections on Wet Sand Workshop

At day’s end, under heavy cloud cover, the low tide exposes soft, wet sand and features reflections of the pine-topped rocky outcrops in the beach’s still pools. Wet-into-wet and textures are at work in this project, as well as flat, clean washes.  

Heavy Weather Workshop

Leaden clouds move in dimming the setting sun.  The light shifts and the scene changes as reflections move across the bay.   Wet-into-wet is the mode at work in this dramatic piece. Washes, pen painting and careful draftsmanship are all part of this painting’s success.  

Quiet Inlet Workshop

A quiet tide and the shroud of an offshore mist slowly move in. Wet-into-wet is the mystery technique here with careful draftsmanship, salt, and pen painting to create this mood-filled project.