Fall Conversations Workshop

Conversations on an afternoon walk in a wooded field. The clear, autumn air and bright sun create strong, deep shadows. We start this project with wet-into-wet followed by dry brushing and careful drawing. Additional dry brushing and spattering with an abundance of colors brings it to life.  

End Times Workshop

Heavy mist moves in from the sea. It wraps its veil across the rocky isle and drifts toward a long abandoned lobster boat. Wet-into-wet, gouache, pen painting, and dry brushing all play their parts in this common New England scene.    

Placid Waters Workshop

  As day moves toward its last light, the water is glass-like and seemingly undisturbed.  Wet washes start this peaceful piece, followed by careful brushwork, pen painting, and dry brush. Clarity is the theme with this project.         

Spring Light Workshop

A clear, spring day full of sun and fair winds at the edge of the sea. The light rests high on the dunes. This is a first draft painting. It’s an exploration that needs something more to be a complete work. Could that be dramatic lighting? atmosphere? a serene background? How would you develop this […]