Clouded Gorge Workshop

  Fog flows in off the sea between high cliffs paling the distant pines in its silent path.   This painting is a study in close values.  We will employ a large variety of brush strokes, masking fluid, pen painting, lifting, and wet-into-wet washes.  

Summer Gold Workshop

  A warm, golden field on the coast of Maine shadowed by a wind-blown scrub pine and scattered with wild flowers: Such a welcoming homestead.    Textured methods work for us in this painting, as well as masking, pen painting, dry brushing and wet-into-wet.

Breaking Storm Workshop

  The storm is over. Sunlight breaks through the clouds and casts strong reflections on puddled water and thirsty marsh grass. Bare trees pattern the clearing sky. Wet-into-wet techniques and all our texturing skills create this scene of enlightening renewal.  

Composition in Blue Workshop

  An elevated view in blue of distant islands across a northern bay filtered through the windswept pines.   Wet-into-wet, pen painting, dry brush and stippling all play a part in this composition.