Unfinished Storm Workshop

  This composition of a morning storm with a rocky shore in the foreground is dramatic, but it needs something … a boat on the sea, spectators on the shore … ?   I will give a step-by-step demo of the rain storm clouds. It’s up to you to add the ?   Wet-into-wet, lifting, […]

Skyline Reflections Workshop

  The marsh tide reflects bare trees against an autumn evening sky.   At the start of this work, wet-into-wet is the primary technique. The finish is dry brush and pen painting. A simple start and a complex ending.  

The Last Nor’easter Workshop

  Dark clouds press down on the roaring sea. Waves smash against an unforgiving rocky shore and fill the air with blue-white spray.   Wet-into-wet, gouache, dry brushing and steady brushwork help create this stormy scene.  

October Country Workshop

  A homestead in the country awaits us at the end of a quiet lane. Breezes move cool shadows as fall colors above shimmer in their full glory.   Rich wet-into-wet and color mingling enrich the foreground of our painting. Stippling and dry brushing are at work as well.