Bone White Workshop

  What visual treasures we find upon the unbroken expanse of sand dunes lining the shore. This bleached fragment of driftwood offers us a project focal point with strong values framed with weathered snow fencing and the not so distant beach as background.   Wet-into-wet, dry brushing, pen painting and controlled brushwork are the tools we’ll […]

Tree of Wisdom Workshop

  What memories might this old tree have of events from years gone by? It’s broken and wind blown but still holds its ground.   This scene, painted in monochrome, lends itself to the challenge of bringing it into color. Which season shall you choose? Your choice of color will tell your story.    

Yesterday’s Barn Workshop

  Weathered with the fractures of time, this old barn is a composition of planes and shapes.   All our skills come into play to create this project: a symphony of textures.