Moonlit Monolith Workshop

  The setting moon hangs over a calm sea. Shadows move slowly over the cool, silent stones. Pen painting, wet-into-wet, dry brush, and spattering all play a part in this mood-filled scene.  

Above the Ravine Workshop

  Mist moves in over the snowy ravine creating an opaque atmosphere. In the stillness, the shrouded trees await season changes.   In this class, I’ll be providing 140 lb. rough watercolor paper for you to work on. Part of this lesson is to show you how this surface performs with the dry brush technique […]

Summer Home Workshop

  Waiting on the north shore of the Merrimack, the summer home beckons. Spring is upon us and summer is not far away.   Working wet-into-wet, pen painting, spattering and dry brush sometimes results in pleasant surprises.    

Maine Morning Light Workshop

  As morning unfurls, light streams across the landscape. Will those clouds threaten the new day?   The challenges with this project are the drawing and values to set the center of interest.