Spring Road Workshop

  As the sun breaks through showers, the scene is backlit, creating warm reflections in a standing pool.   Careful draftsmanship, pen painting, masking, dry brushing and texturing pull this painting together.   

Salisbury Light Workshop

  A soft mist chills the landscape on a cool, sunless afternoon as the Salisbury Light stands guard.   This painting requires a careful drawing to simplify the foreground trees. April flowers push up through the damp earth and wet-into-wet sets the mood.   

Above the Surge Workshop

  Historically, a line drawing is a pen & ink drawing with watercolor added.   In this project, the edges of the rock forms are defined by dark pen lines to define the edges, create a design, and express the forms in an individual way. The watercolor, crosshatching, scribbling and varying the lines, enhances the […]