Passing the Light Workshop

  A warm afternoon glow warms the bay as a schooner passes North Point Lighthouse.    Wet-into-wet, color layering, pen painting and careful draftsmanship all contribute to this New England scene.

Cliff Walk Workshop

  Here’s your chance to let your brushes try a new medium! Discovering Liquid Pencil has been a game changer for me and I want to share the experience with you. Thumbnail sketches, preliminary layouts, all the way to final projects: Liquid Pencil allows the ideas to flow quickly and the values to pop.    […]

Hazy Pine Workshop

  This is a low key painting: Strong foreground with a background  fading into the haze. The original size is 9″ x 12″, but can be sized down, if desired.   All our watercolor techniques will be utilized to accomplish this interesting work. Are you ready for the fun?  

Ancient Industrial Workshop

  Ignored by the shifting tides, this industrial building still stands holding its memories. The afternoon light compliments its now rusted features. We’ll use all our watercolor tools and techniques to create this mood-filled scene: Wet-into-wet, dry brush, pen painting and more.