Down East Regatta Workshop

  Sailboats glide across the quiet bay as clouds close in on the late afternoon. A change in the weather?   This work starts with washes above and below the center of interest, which is also a broad wash.  Salting, pen painting, color lifting, and masking fluid all help to set the strong design.

Shimmering Shadows Workshop

  Foliage shimmers in the summer breeze causing shadows to dance across the path to the bay.   Texture and wet washes are key to this work, as well as gouache and pen work.

Fading Trees Workshop

  As fog moves in obscuring these coastal pines, spring flowers are refreshed with the cool sea air.   All our watercolor techniques will be used to capture this mood-filled scene.

Sunrise Angler Workshop

  Working his line in the early morning mist, an angler enjoys the feel of a new day.    Wet-into-wet washes, dry brushing, pen painting and subtle color work together to create the mood.