Hints of Autumn Workshop

  A clouded sky darkens the autumn gold tones of beach foliage as the day draws toward evening.   We’ll use all our watercolor skills and techniques to create this changing scene: wet-into-wet, spattering, color lifting, stippling, careful washes and more. This one is fun.

Pine Island Storm Workshop

  Turbulent waters and breaking waves fill the air with salty mist. The waves dominate this scene.   We’ll create these subtle, salty mist values with dry brush, textured washes, and colors mixed with white gouache. Want to try it?

The Autumn Leaves have you Thinking Workshop

  Silent waters reflect the changing sky. The world is a quiet place as the leaves take on new color.   Wet-into-wet starts this mood-filled scene, setting the tone. Pen painting, color lifting, masking and gouache all work together to bring this fall scene together.

Hike to the Ocean Workshop

  A clear look out to the open sea, framed between pine-topped cliffs.   Washes, dry brushing, pen painting and stippling are a few of the watercolor techniques we’ll use to create this inviting scene.