Snow Trek Workshop

A winter day’s walk where no path leads to a place unknown. As the pines watch in silence, sunlight dims and shadows grow longer. Close values, smooth, careful washes, pen painting, salting, dry brushing and gouache all work to fulfill this visual promise.  

Wet Sand & Old Wood Workshop

Tide pools reflect the remains of an old pier while late day mist obscures a distant landscape. Wet-into-wet is the prominent technique used in this painting. Dry brush, spattering and pen painting finish the details.  

Leeward Light Workshop

Fog’s rolling in. Lighthouse duties begin. Value relationships are key to this work. We will invent the foreground using sponge stamping, pen painting, spattering and color lifting. How will you create your own imagery?  

Over High Passage Workshop

Rocks flattened by wind and weather allow a sturdy, clear path toward the valley below. The setting sun, obscured by fog, reminds us that evening is drawing near. This vignette relies on directional spattering to control the viewers visual path. Pen painting, dry brushing and controlled washes complete this mountain scene.