Persistent Pines Workshop

Late day, Oregon coast. The tide awaits its moment.  Three pines struggle to maintain their hold on the small plot of sandy soil quickly pulling away. This back-lit scene is a work in progress.  Layering color, warm over cool washes, color lifting, dry brushing, spattering and gouache all help to build this painting.  

Grampa’s Farm Workshop

A rural, simple scene that resurrects memories of work days past. We’ll use our texturing tools in this simple painting, as well as spattering, dry brushing, color layering, pen painting, broad washes and wet-into-wet. This one is fun.  

Moonlit Cypress Workshop

Moonlit Cypress trees overlook the vast expanse of wine dark sea. Large washes, pen painting, gouache, and dry brush are the techniques and tools we’ll use to create this mood-filled scene.  

New Snow in Vermont

Soft, fresh snow glistens and lays in wait for the warm, spring sun, as long blue shadows move with the breeze. Watercolor washes are paramount to this painting: Cool washes for the distant hills and warmer washes to form a weathered barn. Dry brush, pen painting and spattering techniques bring this coming of spring painting […]