New Spring Old Barn Workshop

Morning sun is always the warmest light, as morning must give way to the new day. This colorful piece starts with masking fluid carefully applied for the foreground birch trees.  Wet-into-wet follows next with color layered cool over warm. Finish with dry brushing, pen painting and spattering. Lots of color and lots of fun!   […]

Spring Cottage Workshop

On a broad, spring meadow, a stone cottage sits nestled amid overgrown hedges with new blooms welcoming the warmer breezes. Wet-into-wet is the spotlight technique here, with dry brush, spattering and layering to add texture.

Cliff Hangers Workshop

Gray skies on the move. Stone cottages, clinging steadfast to the rocky cliffs, provide generations of protection from ancient stormy seas. Today’s laundry dries on salty lines.   Controlled washes and pen work are key to this work. And balanced values create the late day light.