Evening Lights Workshop

  The light fades smothered by oncoming clouds. A cool grey descends on the sun’s weakened glow.  Shore rocks give up their warmth to the evening blues. This painting is composed of mostly flat colors except for the graded wash of the sky.  The details and the small amount of texture are applied after the […]

Mountain Village Workshop

On a warm, sunlit afternoon, a stone village carved into a Tuscan cliff awaits the evening quiet.   This painting is a study in light and shadow. Understanding the shadow patterns is the key. Once the shadows are carefully established, the value adjustments pull the vision into reality.   So that you can enjoy painting […]

Moon Rocks Workshop

This painting is called, “Moon Rocks”.  The inspiration for it comes from the thumbnail sketch you see below.  The painting reflects the feeling of the sketch, which I like very much: a loose, free style. And, while not trying to reproduce the image, I’m letting the process of the work suggest the colors, textures and […]