Quarry Sunset Workshop

The warm sunset plays light on still waters ahead as we glide through the quarry. Reflections of the golden stone are perfectly mirrored. A careful drawing prior to painting will bring crisp clarity to this project. And a full spectrum of textures make this painting a fun challenge. So that you can enjoy painting even […]

Dawn’s Early Light Workshop

On the way to see the sunrise. This project uses watercolor to its greatest advantage. Wet-into-wet mostly creates this scene. First, in the colorful bands of the morning sunrise, and then in the silhouetted dark trees. Strong, rich colors flow freely and create the feathered¬† limbs. Pen painting and dry brushing all add to the […]

Tempest Tides Workshop

Surging into a nearby pool, the ocean rushes to high tide. Evening approaches with strong light. Tempest tides may be this painting’s title, but the focus is the layered sky. It is created in two stages. First, the high clouds and second, the low dark clouds against the sunset on the horizon. This is a […]